A summary of all the guidance papers available on the site

Curriculum Making for All (links listed as they appear on each page).
2014 National Curriculum Framework for Geography.
Curriculum making
Curriculum making as an NQT

Creativity and Teaching Geography
Curriculum and Pedagogy

Sustainability’s place within the new curriculum

Curriculum Linking – Checklist
Using partner schools to develop the geography curriculum

The Geographical Associationand The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).


Key Stage 1 and 2 Support
Comparison chart
Developing Your Own Locational Knowledge Frameworks
Developing children’s locational knowledge
A List of Places to learn? checklist
Teaching about the United Kingdom
Geography and technology
Curriculum Making
Glossary of Terms
Developing locational knowledge
Coping with the regional demands of the national curriculum
Teaching about the environment
Geography and technology
Teaching about the United Kingdom,Europe and The Americas
Using enquiry in Geography teaching (forthcoming)
Creativity and Teaching Geography

Global Learning and Geography 

Places to Tread Thoughtfully – Non-specialist Geography Guidance 


Key Stage 3 Support
National Curriculum Framework at Key Stage 3.
Where is the geography ?
Purpose and aims

RGS – Global Learning Programme.
Linking systematic geography and locational knowledge within Key Stage 3
Factors to consider when selecting example geographical locations

Place – Where will I live? – Places Studies.  Further references can be found at Making my places in the world project.


Progression statement in Geography

GA Assessment flyer.

Geographical Association – National Curriculum and Assessment and Geographical Association – National Curriculum.

Teaching Physical Geography through Key Questions (forthcoming)
Secondary-ready Geography statement FOR TEACHERS

Secondary Ready Geography June 2014
Criteria for schools to select Geography Resources (forthcoming)


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