Curriculum Making for All

The Geographical Association describes curriculum making as the creative act of interpreting a curriculum specification or scheme of work and turning it into a coherent, challenging, engaging and enjoyable scheme of work.

Curriculum making is a job that really never ends and lies at the heart of good teaching. These guidance pieces below each explore curriculum making in more detail and  we hope, offer you some thoughtful perspectives that might help to guide you as you interpret the proposed 2014 National Curriculum Framework for Geography.

This document offers general advice and in its final section (part 3) some specific advice for primary colleagues  Curriculum Making.

This document is written from the perspective of a secondary NQT, but the insights offered have value to KS1-3 colleagues, Curriculum making as an NQT.

The following documents are of value to all…we think!

Creativity and Teaching Geography

Curriculum and Pedagogy

Thinking Geographically

Sustainability’s place within the new curriculum

There is also significant high quality advice that exists on the Ofsted website that offers exemplification of good practice in geography.  

School linking can be a very powerful way of developing informed reciprocal understandings about the geography of particular localities, regions and nations. We hope that you find this checklist and these reflections on a school partnership helpful. Whilst the example relates to a Year 3/4 class,  we would encourage you to consider the of school partnerships for whichever Key Stage you teach in. There are clearly positive benefits to be gained by developing a purposeful school link, either with another UK setting or by linking with a school further afield.

All members of the group that produced the resources on this website are members of either or both The Geographical Association and The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). We commend both these websites to you and we would wish to promote both organisations as the key sources of advice and expertise as you develop your interpretations of the 2014 National Curriculum Framework for Geography.


2 thoughts on “Curriculum Making for All

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  2. Janet Murdoch says:

    Just beginning to seriously consider how we might approach the new curriculum. I have looked at your support – what a fantastic package of information to use in discussion and planning. Thanks!

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