Developing children’s geographical vocabulary.

When developing children’s geographical knowledge and vocabulary we would want to support you in considering activities that are geographical in nature. Geography’s emphasis is on developing spatial understanding, as well as environmental knowledge. So activities that engage the children in physically placing labels on a photo or a map are more likely to develop their spatial understanding rather than learning a list of terms. It is up to you to consider which is the most worthwhile activity relative to the geographical emphasis that you are focusing on in that lesson or lesson sequence. Along the same lines, when you are using maps encourage the children to use and become familiar with directional language (left, right, near, far, next to, beside, across, turn, etc).  You may find the ‘Glossary of Terms‘ helpful in developing your own knowledge. Our  guidance pieces on teaching about the environment and fieldwork may help you to consider how to create geographical opportunities to develop subject specific vocabulary.


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