Developing Children’s Knowledge about the World

Children will develop a knowledge about different places in a variety of ways. They may visit places, have relatives and friends who live in different places; they may visit websites, and watch programmes that foreground different places. You will feature a selection of places at a variety of scales in your teaching. Sometimes you will study places with your children as a part of their geography lessons. At other times you will study places in, say, history or science or art or music.  As a thoughtful primary teacher you will want to always locate these places for your children and help the children make connections between the location of these places and between their own and other people’s experiences of these places. Always use a map or globe when discussing places. The developing locational knowledge and mapwork guidance pieces will help you make careful choices about what type of maps to use with children. One of the aspects of using maps with young children that you will want to be mindful of is the appropriate scale and level of detail. Again we hope that ourdeveloping locational knowledge guidance piece might be helpful to you here. Additionally we have constructed a guidance piece that specifically supports you in considering how to approach teaching about Europe and The Americas within Key Stage 2


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